Practice Areas


In today’s fast-paced economy, success depends upon efficient strategies to confront market changes, shifting public opinion, and regulatory pressures. Our attorneys help clients develop practical solutions to complex legal problems, and assist them in making sound business decisions.


Quite simply, litigation is the process of bringing a lawsuit to court. Our attorneys try cases in court or arbitration. Roemer & Harnik draws on its vast knowledge and legal acumen to craft a smart, effective plan of attack or defense to navigate the legal system and achieve the results the client desires.

Sometimes, however, a legal disagreement can be settled before, during, or instead of the litigation process. Our attorneys are experienced in mediation and arbitration processes and will work closely with you to present your position in a manner to achieve the most favorable result.

Roemer & Harnik is here to help you understand and craft an estate plan that reflects your own wishes and values. A good estate plan can help you minimize estate taxes, protect and plan for your loved ones, ensure that your own wishes are carried out (not the wishes of the state), and enable someone to handle your finances, healthcare and personal needs if you become incapacitated.